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Web Design

Today, a large part of the business world has shifted to digital environments and many companies make a large part of their sales through websites and other digital platforms. As Melibera.com, we have been continuing our work with the mission of 100% customer satisfaction in the field of web design with our numerous references since 2014.

During our web design works, we primarily design and present the needs of your industry and the website that will best introduce you. After the draft version of your website design is sent to you, we make the revisions that will come from you and ensure that your website takes its final form.

What are the steps of our Web Design Studies?

1. Preview In the preliminary interview step, we request information about your sector in order to prepare the most suitable website for you and send our price offer.

2. Projecting First of all, as a result of our meetings with you, we send you the design drafts that we think are suitable for you. We start our work on the draft you like by getting your approval.

3. Project Presentation Your website is prepared on the draft you have chosen during the projecting phase and presented to you. At the presentation stage, you are requested to review your entire website and send us the areas you want to be revised.

4. Revision Stage The final version of your website is prepared with the directives received from you during the project presentation stage. The final version of your website is presented to you again and your approval is obtained.

5. Activating Your Website After completing the processes in the first 4 steps, the website files prepared for you are uploaded into your hosting service and your website is activated.
  • Do I need to pay every year?

    No, the payments made for the web design service are one-time and will not be paid again in the following years. If you are hosting your web design service on melibera.com, you have to pay hosting and domain fees for the next year.

  • I have a hosting and domain in a different company, can I get you a web design?

    Yes, your hosting and domain service does not need to be on melibera.com. After your web design service is completed, if you send us your hosting information, we can transfer your web design service to your hosting service.

  • How does the time work?

    After the agreement, web design practice is started upon your requests. During the construction phase, it is submitted for your approval so that you can check it at regular intervals and if there is any change you want.

  • How is payment made?

    You can pay by card or money order/EFT.

  • Do you bill?

    Yes, invoices are issued for all services purchased.

  • Can I use the design in different domains?

    The designs made are licensed to the domain and if they will be used in a different domain, we must be informed.

  • Do you provide technical support?

    After your website is prepared and delivered to you, updating processes are paid for. Your website is submitted for your approval before it is delivered and approval is received for the last time.

  • How long does it take to be prepared?

    After the start of your work, it is completed between 1 week and 1 month according to your demands.