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Personal Data and General Confidentiality Agreement

HomepagePersonal Data and General Confidentiality Agreement

Please read this Privacy Policy before taking action on the melibera.com site, if you do not accept the Privacy Policy, please do not take any action on the melibera.com site.

This Privacy Policy applies to melibera.com and is not binding for other sites mentioned on melibera.com.

With this Privacy Policy, you accept the terms of melibera.com.

Personal information

we provide information about our products, to inform you about new products that we think will be useful to you, to sell products and to provide after-sales support on the melibera.com site; We may need to ask for your specific, personal information, such as your name, address, e-mail address and phone number.

In case your current information is not sufficient, additional information may be requested from you by means of communication tools such as e-mail, telephone or fax. The information collected within this scope is considered as personal information on the melibera.com site.

Non-Personal Information Collected Automatically

Melibera.com may use technologies that allow us to collect certain technical information during your visit to the site, such as your Internet protocol address, your computer's operating system, your browser type, traffic patterns or the address of any relevant Web sites.

In order to obtain more detailed information about our visitors, information files called cookies can be sent to your computer by our site.

These files are files that contain technical information about the system you are using and are widely used in the world.

Sharing Information

melibera.com may share data that does not contain personal information (operating system used, gender of visitors, etc.) to provide information to third parties.

Unless legally requested by us, private information that is considered as personal is not shared with third parties.

Melibera.com personal information; may be shared with other sites within the company for information or promotional purposes.

Depending on the service received (SSL, domain, license, etc.), melibera.com may share user information with 3rd parties in order to use it for registration or benefiting from the service.

(SSL, domain, license, etc.) The purpose of sharing here is to share the mandatory information necessary for the realization of the transaction with the relevant party (institution/company).

Depending on the ICANN rules in domain name registration, melibera.com may forward the whois information to the institutions or companies that ICANN requires and will determine.

In domain registration; The Domain Operator can register and process the account and whois information that are necessarily transferred to the Domain Operator for their own functioning.


Melibera.com takes the necessary technological measures for the absolute security of the data. However, no technological system is 100% secure.

We want you to know that Melibera.com is trying to take the necessary measures to prevent or minimize risks such as misuse or unauthorized access to your personal information and to make informative broadcasts in this direction.

In particular, credit card information used during online transactions is received by you with 128-bit encryption technology and transmitted to the bank and credit card brokerage firm.

Accuracy of Collected Data

Melibera.com can change or delete the missing or incorrect information entered by the visitor with the new information from the visitor or the correct information to be obtained by the cross-examination method.


As Melibera.com, it has the right to change or remove this Privacy Policy, the Site or the access to these pages, and can take action without notice.