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Corporate Hosting

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Corporate Hosting

With the corporate hosting option, you can host your corporate websites in the most suitable hosting packages.

We Move Your Sites Free!

We move your sites between 1-5 free of charge and without any problems.

You Don't Have To Be An Expert!

You don't need to be an expert for server management and security. Thanks to our experienced and expert team, your servers are in safe hands.

Full Performance and Full Hardware

All of our servers are kept up-to-date with hardware and software in line with modern trends and offered to you.

Safe and Safe!

All known optimization and security measures are implemented on our servers, and necessary precautions are taken to avoid any adverse events.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Web Hosting?

Website Hosting, that is, web hosting, is the storage of the content, pages, images or documents that are desired to be published on a website on a server that can be accessed by internet users. The files that it wants to publish must be stored on a computer (server) that is specially produced for publishing a website on the Internet, has a high-speed connection to internet lines, and can serve hundreds of visitors at the same time. These computers that host the files of the website and offer internet access are called web servers, and the process of storing, hosting and publishing this data is called web hosting.

Which Hosting Product Should I Choose?

Hosting hizmeti için bir çok paket ve değişik parametre ve fiziksel sınırlar mevcuttur. Bu seçimi yapmadan önce sitenizi ve kullandığı yazılım teknolojisini analiz edin. Ayrıca kullanım amacınızı belirleyin. PHP ve MySQL teknolojisi kullanan siteler için en uygun paket Linux Hosting paketleridir. Eğer SQL Server, ASP ve ASP.Net gibi yazılım teknolojilerini kullanıyorsanız mutlaka Windows Hosting paketlerini satın almalısınız. Doğru seçimi yaptığınızda hosting hizmetinden en yüksek performansı alacağınızı unutmayın.

How Are Hosting Prices Determined?

Web Hosting prices are determined according to market conditions, usage averages and costs. Our company constantly invests in automation and our infrastructure, trying to reduce costs and provide hosting services at the lowest price.

When is my hosting service activated?

Hosting services are activated instantly for payments made by credit card. Payments made by wire transfer and EFT are activated after accounting approval.

Do I pay any hidden fees?

There are no additional payments after the purchase.

I want to move my website to you, do you do the migration?

We live your sites between 1-5 free of charge. You may need to make software adjustments after migration on websites that use special software or configuration.

Which Scripts Is Hosting Service Compatible With?

Our hosting service is compatible with almost all available open source or closed source (ioncube, zend and sourceguard etc.) licenses. If it is necessary to give examples of leading script and web-based software, for Linux; It is suitable for all scripts written in WordPress, Opencart, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, Laravel, CodeInteger, PHP framework and PHP version 5.3 and above.

What is Free SSL?

The SSL service creates an encrypted communication channel between the web server and the visitor's computer. In this way, it does not allow theft of private information such as credit card, membership information, password and password. Until recently, this technology was paid for. It is now provided free of charge as standard on all hosting services. You need to create a support request to install your free SSL certificate.

How Does Hosting Service Work?

For the hosting service to work, first of all, a domain name is needed. By registering a domain, you buy a name for your website. This name will represent your site on the internet. During the hosting purchase, you will be asked to register a new domain, transfer or specify an existing domain that has been registered. You can make this selection by going through the purchasing process and adding a product to the cart.

Can I get the address as info@example.com?

Yes, when you receive hosting service, you can have a private e-mail address or addresses on your behalf. Email addresses can be used as part of the hosting service.

Are You Making Backups?

Backup process is provided by us, but backups are taken in order to return from backup in case of undesired events such as disk failure. Therefore, you need to take backups of your hosting services.